Boss GP-10GK Guitar Effects Processor

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The new GP-10 puts a universe of amazing tones and tunings at your command, all in one compact processor that’s affordable and easy to use. With a Roland GK-compatible pickup on your guitar, the GP-10 lets you transform your sound into numerous classic electric and acoustic guitar types, basses, and even analog-modeled synths, including the legendary Roland GR-300. Not stopping there, you have access to instant altered tunings, including popular open tunings, 12-string tones, and “down” tunings that are essential for today’s ultra-heavy rock styles. The versatile GP-10 also functions as a full-featured multi-effects processor for both GK and normal pickups, giving you a huge selection of COSM amps and effects for live playing and studio recording. In addition, USB connectivity lets you capture GP-10 tones directly into your DAW, and you can even play computer-based soft synths from your axe with the GP-10’s guitar-to-MIDI convertor!

Depending on your needs, the GP-10 is available by itself (GP-10S), or with a Roland GK-3 Divided Pickup and 13-pin cable included in the box (GP-10GK). If you already have a GK-3 on your guitar-or if you have an instrument such as the GC-1 GK-Ready Stratocaster with a GK pickup built in-you’ll want to choose the GP-10S. If you want to use the GP-10’s modeling functions and you don’t have a GK-3, the GP-10GK is the way to go. The GK-3 is quick and easy to install on your favorite electric guitar with no modification needed.

  • Instant access to down tunings, open tunings, 12-string sounds, and your own custom tunings
  • Instrument modeling powered by COSM technology, including conventional electric, acoustic, and bass guitars, plus sitar, banjo, fretless guitar, and others
  • Analog guitar synthesizer modeling driven by real-time DSP allows you to play expressive, ultra-responsive synth tones
  • Create totally new sounds by blending modeled and normal guitar tones together
  • High-quality COSM amps and multi-effects derived from the GT-100
  • 13-pin input for guitars equipped with a Roland GK-3 Divided Pickup or other GK-compatible pickup
  • Standard 1/4-inch guitar input allows for use of amps and effects with any guitar
  • USB audio/MIDI interface for multi-channel audio recording (including individual string output) and guitar-to-MIDI conversion with GK pickup
  • BOSS TONE STUDIO editor/librarian for Mac/Windows and custom patches available at
  • Available with or without a GK-3 Divided Pickup

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Hexaphonic Guitar Distortion Pedal: Spicetone 6APPEAL

Who did we design the 6Appeal guitar effect for?
Our guitar pedals are built with the innovative guitar player in mind. Hexaphonic string processing gives you an incredible new universe of effect options, and 6Appeal is the ONLY fully analog signal path hexaphonic signal processing pedal on the market.

Why does an analog signal path matter for hexaphonic guitar?

Other hexaphonic products break up the natural guitar sound and process it digitally. This robs your guitar signal of overtones, dynamics, and “feel”. The result of our analog signal path is that the 6Appeal pedal feels and sounds more organic, with a natural touch sensitivity to your guitar playing that you miss from digital products.

What does 6Appeal give you as a guitar player?

Our 6Appeal pedal gives your hexaphonic guitar an entirely new palette of tones and sounds. From percussive and sustained clean tones through singing harmonious distortion, 6Appeal offers you a whole new sonic ground.

Whether your style is complex jazz, fusion, progressive rock or even fingerstyle guitar you can explore complex and varied guitar tonalities that are quite simply unavailable from any other pedal on the market.

What does a hexaphonic distortion pedal sound like?

You can set it to sound like a high-end boutique distortion pedal if you wish, but that is only the beginning. Beyond the established universe of overdrive/fuzz/distortion sounds you can easily adjust the 6Appeal to sound like no other pedal you have ever heard.

You can create incredible sustained distortion sounds without any harmonic interference between notes at all. At first It may remind you  of polyphonic analog synthesizers, but it’s still your own guitar’s real sound.

You can play harmonically complex jazz chords and pick out every note – on a regular distortion pedal such exotic voicings would sound like audio mud.

You can go stereo, or blend distortion with the clean sound. And, even the cleans sound harmonically much richer than artificially processed digital interfaces from other manufacturers. There is really no other product like the 6Appeal.

How can I use it with the Roland GK-3 or other hexaphonic pickup?

It’s easy. Plug your 13 pin guitar right in to the 6Appeal and you are ready to go! 6Appeal can be used a standalone analog processing unit, as a  hexaphonic gateway for your pedal board, in parallel with Roland’s digital devices, or as a starting point for in-DAW processing using the sound of your hexaphonic guitar.

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Roland GR-D V-Guitar Distortion Effects Pedal 712392903059

With the all-new V-Guitar pedals, guitarists can now enjoy the immense benefits of Roland’s GK processing—the powerful technology behind the GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer and VG-99 V-Guitar System—right on their pedalboards. The GR-D V-Guitar Distortion offers unique distortion and synth tones produced by independently processing each guitar string, giving the modern player an array of fresh, bold sounds for their sonic arsenal. Housed in the popular Twin Pedal format and equipped with connections for easy integration with amps, stomps, multi-effects, and other V-Guitar devices, the GR-D delivers wide, heavy, high-clarity tones that can only be achieved with GK processing.
Roland’s powerful V-Guitar technology in a Twin Pedal stompbox
Bold, high-clarity distortion and synth tones only possible with GK processing
VG-DIST 1, VG-DIST 2, POLY DIST, and SYNTH sounds, with real-time DSP for latency-free performance
Sculpt your tones with ultra-responsive GAIN, COLOR, and TONE knobs
Solo function provides an instant volume and presence boost for lead playing
13-pin GK input; designed for use with the GC-1 GK-Ready Stratocaster, GK-3 Divided Pickup, and all GK-equipped guitars
Flexible connections for easy integration with amps, pedals, and multi-effects
Four user memories, with remote selection from GK-equipped guitar

Source: Roland GR-D V-Guitar Distortion Effects Pedal 712392903059

Roland GR-1 Guitar Synthesizer (incl. A/C Adapter,GK2A Pickup,13 pin Chord)

I’m selling one of my five Roland GR-1 Guitar Synths, with the expansion card (200 additional Tones plus the 200 that come with the unit). ) And my programmed sounds installed If you want them. I can bring it back to Factory settings if not). You can install the included GK-2A Pickup on any steel string guitar (Acoustic or Electric). The unit contains Digital Reverb, Delay, Chorus and Flanging. It also has a Four part multitimbral via midi 2000 note internal sequencer.

The Synth comes with an AC adapter, GK-2A Pickup and Synth cable Group 3-4 card and a new internal CR 2032 disk battery. The expansion card alone is not sold anymore and is worth over $100 by itself. Practically all of the GR-1’s on E-Bay don’t have the card. The GK 2A synth pickup is also worth over $100. If you want a second GK-2A Pickup for another guitar, I have them ($125).

The GK-2A can be mounted on the guitar with 2 sided tape, screwed into the guitar surface with spring adapters (included) or mounted on a custom bridge right in front of the regular guitar bridge. My friend and Luthier custom fit the bridges to the guitars and attached them with 2 sided tape. then holes were drilled into the Custom bridge and either Rubber tube spacers (which I prefer) or small springs were used for the GK-2A height adjustments. If you do buy the GR-1. I can help you fine tunes the GK-2A Pickup adjustment.

The price for the Expanded Synth, Group 3/4 Card, A/C adapter, GK2A Pickup, Synth Cable, New internal battery and my Programmed Sounds is $400. If you look on E-Bay, you will see that this is a very fair price, especially with the Expansion Card, GK-2A pickup, new internal battery, custom sounds, etc. I have rotated this unit with my other GR-1’s so it’s in great shape.

Source: Roland GR-1 Guitar Synthesizer (incl. A/C Adapter,GK2A Pickup,13 pin Chord)