Roland GR-1 Guitar Synthesizer (incl. A/C Adapter,GK2A Pickup,13 pin Chord)

Roland GR-1 Guitar Synthesizer (incl. A/C Adapter,GK2A Pickup,13 pin Chord) in Musikinstrumente, Pro-Audio Equipment, Synthesizer & Soundmodule

I’m selling one of my five Roland GR-1 Guitar Synths, with the expansion card (200 additional Tones plus the 200 that come with the unit). ) And my programmed sounds installed If you want them. I can bring it back to Factory settings if not). You can install the included GK-2A Pickup on any steel string guitar (Acoustic or Electric). The unit contains Digital Reverb, Delay, Chorus and Flanging. It also has a Four part multitimbral via midi 2000 note internal sequencer.

The Synth comes with an AC adapter, GK-2A Pickup and Synth cable Group 3-4 card and a new internal CR 2032 disk battery. The expansion card alone is not sold anymore and is worth over $100 by itself. Practically all of the GR-1’s on E-Bay don’t have the card. The GK 2A synth pickup is also worth over $100. If you want a second GK-2A Pickup for another guitar, I have them ($125).

The GK-2A can be mounted on the guitar with 2 sided tape, screwed into the guitar surface with spring adapters (included) or mounted on a custom bridge right in front of the regular guitar bridge. My friend and Luthier custom fit the bridges to the guitars and attached them with 2 sided tape. then holes were drilled into the Custom bridge and either Rubber tube spacers (which I prefer) or small springs were used for the GK-2A height adjustments. If you do buy the GR-1. I can help you fine tunes the GK-2A Pickup adjustment.

The price for the Expanded Synth, Group 3/4 Card, A/C adapter, GK2A Pickup, Synth Cable, New internal battery and my Programmed Sounds is $400. If you look on E-Bay, you will see that this is a very fair price, especially with the Expansion Card, GK-2A pickup, new internal battery, custom sounds, etc. I have rotated this unit with my other GR-1’s so it’s in great shape.

Source: Roland GR-1 Guitar Synthesizer (incl. A/C Adapter,GK2A Pickup,13 pin Chord)