Hexaphonic Guitar Distortion Pedal: Spicetone 6APPEAL

Who did we design the 6Appeal guitar effect for?
Our guitar pedals are built with the innovative guitar player in mind. Hexaphonic string processing gives you an incredible new universe of effect options, and 6Appeal is the ONLY fully analog signal path hexaphonic signal processing pedal on the market.

Why does an analog signal path matter for hexaphonic guitar?

Other hexaphonic products break up the natural guitar sound and process it digitally. This robs your guitar signal of overtones, dynamics, and “feel”. The result of our analog signal path is that the 6Appeal pedal feels and sounds more organic, with a natural touch sensitivity to your guitar playing that you miss from digital products.

What does 6Appeal give you as a guitar player?

Our 6Appeal pedal gives your hexaphonic guitar an entirely new palette of tones and sounds. From percussive and sustained clean tones through singing harmonious distortion, 6Appeal offers you a whole new sonic ground.

Whether your style is complex jazz, fusion, progressive rock or even fingerstyle guitar you can explore complex and varied guitar tonalities that are quite simply unavailable from any other pedal on the market.

What does a hexaphonic distortion pedal sound like?

You can set it to sound like a high-end boutique distortion pedal if you wish, but that is only the beginning. Beyond the established universe of overdrive/fuzz/distortion sounds you can easily adjust the 6Appeal to sound like no other pedal you have ever heard.

You can create incredible sustained distortion sounds without any harmonic interference between notes at all. At first It may remind you  of polyphonic analog synthesizers, but it’s still your own guitar’s real sound.

You can play harmonically complex jazz chords and pick out every note – on a regular distortion pedal such exotic voicings would sound like audio mud.

You can go stereo, or blend distortion with the clean sound. And, even the cleans sound harmonically much richer than artificially processed digital interfaces from other manufacturers. There is really no other product like the 6Appeal.

How can I use it with the Roland GK-3 or other hexaphonic pickup?

It’s easy. Plug your 13 pin guitar right in to the 6Appeal and you are ready to go! 6Appeal can be used a standalone analog processing unit, as a  hexaphonic gateway for your pedal board, in parallel with Roland’s digital devices, or as a starting point for in-DAW processing using the sound of your hexaphonic guitar.

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Source: Hexaphonic Guitar Distortion Pedal: Spicetone 6APPEAL