PolySubBass | Paradis AVALON Guitars | Roland GK 13-Pin | ADA8000 | 19 2HE Case | eBay



PolySubBass | Paradis AVALON Guitars | Roland GK 13-Pin | ADA8000 | 19 2HE Case in Musikinstrumente, Gitarren & Bässe, Gitarrensets | eBay!

Leider ist meine Paradis AVALON unbrauchbar geworden. Deshalb biete ich hier mein verbleibendes Setup an:

1 PolySubBass
1 Paradis Guitars AVALON original Kabel
1 19″ Zoll – 2HE Case

NICHT im Lieferumfang:
Paradis AVALON
Roland GK 13-Pin Adapter

Es ist alles in einem Guten gepflegten Zustand, und wurde nur im Studio Betrieb verwendet.

Die sechs Einzelsaiten und Mono Out/ PolyBass Effekt OUT sind mit dem ADA8000 verbunden. Jeder Kanal hat einen eigenen Gain Regler. Der ADAT Out kann mit einer entsprechenden Soundkarte verbunden werden. Somit erhält man ein hochwertigen
PARADIS AVALON nach ADAT oder einen
Roland GK 13-Pin 
nach ADAT Interface, mit PolyBass Effekt!

Damit man den PolyBass ebenfalls mit Roland 13-Pin Gitarren betreiben kann, existiert ein Adapter. Näheres Dazu findet man hier: Connect PolySubBass to Roland GK 13-Pin Guitars Synths

1 – string channel E1
2 – string channel B2
3 – string channel G3
4 – string channel D4
5 – string channel A5
6 – string channel E6
7 – GND (ground)
8 – +15VDC

Unterstützung zu den Gitarren und dem PolySubBass kann man im Forum erhalten: http://paradis-guitars.info/

m u s i c al e n g i n e e ri n g instruments and electronics made in switzerland
user manual paradis polysubbass (1990 – 1997)
input: cord to guitar
power on / off
priority mode of suboctave generation:
green LED lit when active
priority is a unique feature for musical subbass supplement. in active mode, strings get detected for adding a ‘clean’ octave to just the lowest of the ringing bass-strings. even a chord is played, only one bass voice is generated, avoiding intermodulation within polyphonic low voices. when priority inactive, all three bass-strings get suboctaves conjoined.
volume of suboctave sound
suboctave sound on/off: yellow LED lit when muted
230 volts mains

direct outputs of separated guitar string sound:
single string outputs allow sophisticated effects processing by either a 6-channel mixing desk or by computer software through a digital interface device (firewire, USB etc). recording and editing of single-note tracks!
mono output: common connection to amplifier or PA by standard guitar cord
stereo output: either one stereo-jack cord or two standard guitar cords on stereo + mono output
separated suboctave output: when connected, no suboctave on stereo/mono outputs
full-range output at reduced level for standard amp or tuner
footswitch for suboctave sound (same function as frontpanel switch)
thru – connection: direct input-loopout of separated guitar string sound:
connection to further hexaphonic devices such as guitar-to-midi converters. plug
in the special paradis-roland cable to drive roland guitar synth.
1 – string channel E1
2 – string channel B2
3 – string channel G3
4 – string channel D4
5 – string channel A5
6 – string channel E6
7 – GND (ground)
8 – +15VDC
special adapter-adapter – cable to connect roland guitar synths with paradis polysubbass. the box with
with red buttons is for program-switching.
by rolf spuler, 24-sep-2012



Audiophile 8-Channel A/D & D/A Converter with Premium Mic Preamplifiers and ADAT Interface

  • Ultra-high quality 8-channel A/D and D/A converter for virtually any digital recording/mixing environment
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  • Phantom power on all microphone inputs
  • Audiophile 24-bit A/D and D/A converters for ultimate signal integrity
  • Processes 44.1 and 48 kHz sample rates
  • External sample rate synchronization via wordclock or ADAT input
  • Optical ADAT in/out interface for ultimate compatibility
  • All mic/line inputs are routed to the ADAT output
  • ADAT input can be routed to all Line outputs
  • 3-Year Warranty Program*
  • Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany


The 8 In/8 Out ULTRAGAIN ADA8000 ADAT Audio Interface is one of our all-time, best-selling products. The incredible ADA8000 features audiophile-grade 24-bit A/D – D/A converters for ultimate signal integrity, optical ADAT in/out interface for

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The ADA8000 is sublimely easy to operate, fits neatly into a single rack space and, thanks to the 8 IMP “Invisible” mic preamps with switchable +48 V Phantom Power and audiophile-grade 24-bit A/D – D/A converters, you get incredibly detailed,

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The Ins and Outs

Connections are provided for balanced XLR and ¼ ” TRS, as well as unbalanced ¼ ” TS inputs. XLR line out connectors located on the rear panel provide either balanced or unbalanced connectivity. Digital I/O is handled via ADAT format TOSLINK optical

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